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A Balanced Work Life Schedule for Bloggers

I’m sure that I am not the only work at home mom who struggles with balance. When you work at home it oftentimes feels like we are wearing all of our proverbial hats at once. We are wife, mom, educator, business women, chef, chauffeur and more.

We try our best to balance it and separate the roles but it’s hard especially if you the type that tries to be all things to all people.

We don’t want to let our families down but we don’t want to let our readers down either. But time is a finite resource and until we learn how to manage it and manage it well we will never feel as though we have enough of it.

I’ve found that the best way to manage my time it to eliminate task that suck my time and energy. According to the book, The 4-Hour Workweek, the key to productivity is elimination, automation, and delegation. Some stuff is just no longer worth doing. Other stuff can be put on auto-pilot. Most of the rest can be delegated.

Well apparently my husband already knew this and he knew how to implement the philosophy well. I sat down with a few weeks ago and told him what I loved about running my business which is the writing. Then I told him what I did not like about it. We also talked about what was important to me overall and we came up with some ways to make my work and family life flow much easier.

Some of the things included making time for exercise which has really helped me focus and feel more energized. I’ve also brought on two assistants who now help me find the great deals so that I can spend more time writing about my journey to becoming a Proverbs Wife.

Take a look at my new schedule and use it as a guide to help you carve out a schedule that will work for you.

  • Blogging/Scheduling (60 minutes)
  • Drop Kid’s off at School (30 minutes)
  • Start dinner (10 minutes)
  • Prayer, Devotions, Bible Study (30 minutes)
  • Gym (60 minutes)
  • Shower and Breakfast (30 minutes)
  • Blogging/Work (5 hours)
  • Pick up Kid’s (30 minutes)
  • Snacks and Homework (60 minutes)
  • Chores (30 minutes)
  • Kid’s dinner, Mom blog/social media, Dad Xbox 360 (60 minutes)
  • Mom & Dad dinner, Kids kitchen Chores (30 minutes)


If you are at the point where your schedule is so out of balance and feel like giving up, I want to add your concerns to my prayers journal. Leave me a comment below and I’ll pray that God will help you find peace of mind and a balanced schedule.

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2 thoughts on “A Balanced Work Life Schedule for Bloggers

  1. Evelyn R. says:


    I have been a work at home mom for about 4 years now. These last 2 years have been so hectic since my husband lost his full time job. My second job as an outside merchandiser/assisted sales rep has me working every sat/sun..I work M-F at home 9-4:30pm, and then evenings t-th as merchandiser for about 3 hrs. Sat/ Sun for 6 hrs as assisted sales rep in our local best buy store. I have no time for exercise, family and my craft. Please add me to your prayer to find balance because i would love to start my own blog soon.


  2. Thanks for sharing this with us! I think I need to make a schedule and stick to it! There are so many things at the end of the day that I feel like I didn’t get accomplished. I really like how you added in “me time” activities! Kudos!


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