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Countdown to a Stress Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is in just a few days and I am really excited. Mr. Proverbs Wife and I have the menu planned and will begin cooking some of the meals early next week.

If you haven’t started here’s a quick checklist to help you get your gears going. This is the method we use and it allows us to spend Thanksgiving well rested and stress free.

Three Weeks Before

Start planning your Thanksgiving menu.

Two Weeks Before

Start gathering any Thanksgiving related coupons.

One Week Before

Decide on the dishes, decorations and table setting. Start pre-cooking any dishes that can be cooked ahead of time (and possibly frozen) such as:

  • pies
  • turkey
  • ham
  • gravy
  • rice

Day Before

Take out any pre-cooked frozen meals to thaw in the fridge. If you did not pre-cook your Turkey or Ham, consider cooking it today while dinner cooks.

I use this day to make my cakes, breads, stuffing, veggies, macaroni and yams which will be reheated on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day

Start heating your food an hour or so before you are ready to eat. Enjoy your time with your family and relax.

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