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Faith Without Works…

I’m already meditating on my 2012 resolutions. Resolutions for me are more like petitions than a list of things I want to do.

They are requests I make to God to be or live a certain way.

Years ago I made a petition to God regarding submission. I told God that I wanted to submit to my husband because I REALLY wanted to make my marriage work. I told God that I was afraid to submit and become vulnerable. I told him how felt I would be taken advantage of and mistreated by my husband if I submitted. I told God how I wanted to trust in HIS plan of submission but how I lacked the faith.

God subsequently equipped me with the faith to submit and my relationship with my husband deepened to a level I never thought possible. I trusted God and both my husband and I grew in faith as a result.

From that point I knew that I was holding back out of fear but I wanted to trust God with it ALL.

For me, trusting God with it all started with a petition.

However, I find myself again at a point where I am holding back and not trusting God.

God knows that I am often fearful of the future, easily stressed over finances and worrisome. I worry about the future on a regular basis. I ponder the what-if’s and find myself focused on the worst case scenario.

This is something I want to stop worrying about. I want my fears about finances to be settled once and for all.

Here’s why.

My fear about my financial well-being demonstrates my mistrust for God. What I am saying by worrying is that I don’t trust Him to provide for my family’s needs. The funny thing is…my spirit knows that’s not true but my mind refuses to accept it.

So why do I keep going back to the negative?

1-      I spend too much time meditating on the negative and not enough time meditating on His promises of provision.

2-      Deep down inside, I don’t believe that I deserve to not have to struggle financially. The thought of being debt free both excites and scares me. We are six years from 100% debt free and I can here Satan whisper in my ear every day, “You won’t see that last mortgage payment get sent in…I promise you.”

Did you know that the two leading causes for divorce are arguments over money and arguments over marital roles?

Satan does not want me or you to live out Gods plan for the Christian family. He wants us to be laden in debt and burden down with a lack of peace.

Therefore, I am making a new petition to God for 2012 regarding my perspective on finances. Instead of waiting until we are debt free to begin giving to some causes that we love, we will start now by dedicating a portion of what I make from my business to the follow charities/businesses for the next 12 months.

I’ll do these expecting two results:

1-      That we will be 100% debt free.

2-      I will trust God and not worry about our finances in 2012

If you don’t already know…God has placed a calling for missionary work in my heart and I hope that by beginning to use my resources to meet the needs of some of the missions I love, I’ll no longer focused on what I don’t have but be more focused on how I can use what I have to bless others.

Note: I hope this makes sense. I try not to do too much editing when I write from my heart…if so I end up editing out what I believe God wants me to share with you.

Do you want to go into the new year worry free and trusting that God will provide for you and your family? I’d love to pray for your faith as I pray for mine. Let me know and I’ll add your name to my  prayer journal.

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6 thoughts on “Faith Without Works…

  1. Jennifer G says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I needed to read this and let it sink into my heart. I deal with the same struggles with my fear and lack of trust. I have noticed it and have begun to leave it at the throne daily. my family & I are seeking God for new things in the New Year. We would like to move out of the state, purchase a home, connect in a church, and prepare our children for their 1st year of school. Its a big list but we serve a BIG God. Thanks again for sharing!!


  2. I’ve been thinking about what I need to work on in the next year as well. Your post hit on a subject I tend to hide my head in the sand about –finances.You also hit on submission. I just realized I don’t do as well with submission because I’ve been trying to do it all myself! I need God’s guiding hand in all areas, not just the few I want to turn over to him.


  3. C Henderson says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart. Sometimes I think we will never be debt free and get so discouraged when the car breaks or someone needs something extra. Thanks for reminding me God wants so much more for us than we can even imagine if we just trust Him. You have been a blessing today.


  4. Really Really needed to read this today! Thanks a bunch for posting! We always try and give a little but as I reflect back on 2011 I realize we did not reach our financial goals. This has given me some much needed food for thought…


  5. Titania Montoya says:

    What an inspiration. I have been struggling with submitting to my husband and have had a hard marraige, but I know this year will bring many changes for the better


  6. Melissa Paulson says:

    God really used this today to minister to my heart!


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