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Freezer Cooking: My Results and My Next Menu

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8

One of the best gifts I can give myself and my family is to cook ahead for the freezer. It doesn’t take me any extra time to do it using my method.

I know some people devote an entire day or even an entire weekend to freezer cooking sessions and I have done it that way before.

I just find that if I’m going to eat and elephant, I’d rather do it one bite at a time. In other words, sometimes doing things in smaller increments can yield the same if not better results.

Almost every time I cook I multiply the meal by doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the amount I cook.

It’s just as easy to cook four whole chicken as it is to cook one.

What I made during my last freezer cooking session: (See picture above)

  • (2) Pork Roast for BBQ sandwiches (some people call it pulled pork sandwiches)
  • (1) Spiral Sliced Honey Ham
  • (1) Mini Honey Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast
  • (1) Sweet Potato Pie

All of these were made during the week of Thanksgiving. Now we’ll get to experience our Thanksgiving meal again. I also doubled my baked macaroni and stuffing but those did not make it to the freezer.

What I’ll be making this week:

I know that some of you already cook for the freezer and some of you want to. What has been your biggest obstacle for getting it done? What do you love most about freezer cooking?



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