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How to Give When There’s No Extra Money

One of the things that bring my husband and I great joy is helping people and one of the ways we do that is by giving. We look for or maybe are drawn to causes that specifically aid in feeding, clothing, educating and providing shelter to kids.

However, we are not completely debt free and still carry a mortgage which makes it feel like we don’t have a lot of money to give. But God is still uses our desire to serve in this capacity by providing opportunities for us to give from what we do have.

One of the ways we help give back to our children’s school is in the form of Box Tops for Education. Did you know that every Box Top is worth $0.10?

It’s easy to collect them and a great way to help your local schools. We let the children clip and split them up. Each of them is able to help donate and also learn about giving in the process.

If you are looking for a way to give but may not have extra money to do it head over here and sign up for the Box Tops for Education  program.

It’s a great way to support your local school and teach your children about giving back.





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2 thoughts on “How to Give When There’s No Extra Money

  1. Thanks for sharing a positive attitude. My husband and I have 2 kids in college and 4 at home. We have never had debt other than a mortage and for the first time it looks like we will have to have a loan to pay for the tuition this coming semester. With that said, I have been on a guilt trip about giving this Christmas. Boxtops and Campbell soup lables are something I have done for years and guess I hadn’t thought of it as giving! Thanks for brightening my day.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @cj, 🙂


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