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Lemon App: Lets You Track and Store Reciepts

My husband stopped by the bank to deposit a check for me and called me from the ATM to ask if I’d rather have a paper receipt or an emailed receipt.

I decided to stick with the paper because my mind just couldn’t wrap it’s self around not having immediate hard copy proof of my deposit.

This new phenomena with virtual receipts is beginning to be seen more and more. Some places such as Redbox and Blockbuster Express do not even offer paper receipts. It’s virtual or nothing.

This may be no big deal to some of you but I am cautiously making my way over to virtual purchase tracking. Many of my online purchases have virtual receipts which I store in  a folder in my inbox. If you are already accustomed to the tech savvy way of receiving receipts, you may want to take a look at this new app.

Lemon is a new app designed to help you manage and store receipts. Lemon claims to be the sweetest way to keep track of your expenses. Lemon gives you the tools to collect all your receipts in one place.

When you do your online shopping, as you receipts come in email your receipts to your own @lemon.com account.

While you are out shopping just snap a photo of your paper receipts with your smartphone and the lemon mobile app.

Lemon is FREE to use and may be the next wave in helping us keep our financial affairs more organized. I’m going to give it a try for a few weeks. If you’d like to as well just head over here to use Lemon for FREE.

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