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New Market Study Panel Earn $5 Instantly

Just a quick heads up. I got the following email regarding some market studies that will be opening up soon and you know how I feel about market studies.

I have several loads of laundry, errands to run, have to pick up at both schools today therefore I have not researched this company but wanted you all to get the news regardless.

Here’s what was in the email:

OneOpinion is recruiting new members to participate in online market research. Earn money for each member you recruit to register into our panel. No targeted demos or other restrictions – we are looking for general population people ages 13 and up. Registration takes 60 seconds or less and each new members earns $5 upon registering and can earn $1 or more for each completed survey. Members can cash out for a VISA Debit card at any amount earned above $25.

Just head over here to join.

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