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Top 10 Ways to Prevent Homemaker Burnout

I found myself burned out a few weeks ago and my first reaction was to drop everything on my schedule and start again at the beginning.

I thought it would make sense to put together a burnout checklist for my homemaking binder which I use as a guide to prevent burnout.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Homemaker Burnout

1 – Ask my husband about any new responsibilities I’m considering before adding them to my schedule.

2 – Limit the number of tasks on my to – do list.

3 – Create clearly defined quiet times into my day for reading or personal restoration.

4 – Pray over my daily/weekly/monthly schedule. Ask God for direction and discernment in deciding whet should or should not be on it.

5 – Set strict work hours and stick to them whether it is housework or business related. Set a quitting time and stick to it.

6 – Set aside at least one day each week for rest.

7 – Clearly define what rest is for you.

8 –  Try to find  joy in my tasks, but if I can’t I need to delegate them or eliminate them.

9 – Make my health a priority. I’m no good to anyone if I’m sick or dead. Plan time for healthy meals, plenty of water, sleep and exercise.

10 – Don’t feel guilty if you’re not always Do-ing something. We keep ourselves busy to make it look like we have IT together as homemakers.

Being alone and resting is Christlike and is essential to preventing burnout. There is nothing enviable about having a nervous breakdown.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Prevent Homemaker Burnout

  1. Why don’t you just quit making to-do lists for a week?
    See if anything bad happens.


  2. Okay, all of this is really known in the head but at least I still trouble with the doing. But I like that last night, really drives home the point! Thanks for this post. This time of year will be helpful!


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