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Make Extra Money With Valued Opinions

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  • The more you get involved, the more rewarding it becomes
  • Earn $1-$5 per completed survey
  • Be part of a 600,000+ strong US community
  • Help shape the future of new consumer products and services

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Valued Opinions always reveals the compensation and length of the survey in your email. The great thing about the length of these surveys is that they can be completed between laundry cycles or while dinner is cooking.

Each regular survey averages around 15 – 20 minutes while specialist surveys can average 60 – 90 minutes combined over one day or several days.

It’s FREE and easy to join Valued Opinions, just click here and fill out the form to get registered. Once your form is submitted, you’ll receive an email to confirm your account and then you can get started working on your profile. Your profile is just general questions you’ll need to answer so that Valued Opinions can match you with surveys that fit your interest. In other words, they don’t want to send surveys about pets and cigarettes, if you don’t have pets and don’t smoke. 🙂

Shortly after completing your profiles, you will begin receiving surveys. How many and how often you take surveys, is up to you. You are not obligated to take surveys and you can close your account at anytime.

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Learn more about getting started taking surveys.

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