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Do-It-Yourself Homemaking Goals for 2012

Mr. Proverbs Wife and I sat down yesterday afternoon and finished writing out our 2012 Homemaking obligations.

Our list is broken down into things we will attempt to do ourselves and things we will pay someone else to do.

The list works as a guide to keep us on track with the upkeep and beautification of our home.

We found that not making a list gives us the excuse to let small project and repairs linger.

Having this a list helps keep us on track and also helps us when budgeting and saving for each project.

Here are the major homemaking projects we’ll tackle in 2012.

  • Make a dining room table. (shown above)
  • Replace dining room carpet with hardwood flooring.
  • Tile the kitchen floor.
  • Construct a wall to divide the lower level bedroom back into two bedrooms.
  • Relocate our home office upstairs.
  • Lay sod in backyard.
  • Finish the unfinished laundry/storage room.

The first big project will begin in January and I estimate the table will cost $100 to construct — fingers crossed. Let me know if you’d like for me to share pictures of this project.


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3 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Homemaking Goals for 2012

  1. Yes, this sounds very interesting. Please do share pictures of the project.


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