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Funding My Savings for 2012 including Monthly Updates

How many of you are ready to get out of debt and start saving?

Right now I am completely debt free except for my mortgage and I want to help you get there too.

I hope I can get you one step closer to being debt free and achieving your savings goals with this new monthly series.

I started doing a finance series last year that highlighted my savings and survey earnings but decided to discontinue it and make some changes.

This year I’m breaking my savings and survey earnings  down into small task that anyone can do and then encouraging you to share your results.

In a sense I’ll be your accountability partner and you’ll be mine.

At the beginning of each month I will share a post highlighting how much I was able to save using my save the change technique.

You can do the same by posting your results on your blog and leaving a link in the comment section of my result post, or you can just stop be each month to check out everyone else’s progress.

Here’s how I fund savings by keeping the change.

Each time I receive change in the form of coins it goes into my piggy bank.

I’ve been adding extra funds to my savings account using this method for the last 4 years and one month last year was able to deposit $35 worth of coins into my savings account by saving my change.

In addition to tabulating the change left over from purchases, I’ll also add found change to my piggy bank total as well.

Each month I will share a tally of how much I was able to save.

If you’d like to share your results each month feel free to do so in the comments section.

I really looking forward to seeing the impact this challenge makes in my family’s finances this year.

Have you set any financial goals this year?

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