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Want To Make Some Extra Cash In 2012? Join Ipsos/-I say Online Panel!


Ipsos Isay is one of my favorite survey panels. Get paid for your opinion and have a chance to test new product! Ipsos is free to join.

Here are some of my other favorites. (All are free to join)

Global Test Market — {Survey Panel}

SwagBucks — {Reward Program}

Valued Opinions — {Survey Panel}

Make sure to complete your profiles, this will help with survey invitations, to help with the pre screening process. Survey invitations are time sensitivity therefore, I always suggest setting up an separate emailaccount specifically for receiving survey invitations. This keeps themorganized and makes filtering through your offers easy.

Are you ready to join Ipsos/Isay? Click here to register

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2 thoughts on “Want To Make Some Extra Cash In 2012? Join Ipsos/-I say Online Panel!

  1. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hi Donna, I answer a lot of those questions here:http://aproverbswife.com/market-research so please read through the articles and link provided. As far a blog income I make a decent amount of money but not compared with the time I put into my blog. I would never suggest that any leave there job to become a blogger nor would I suggest becoming a blogger with the sole purpose of earning or relying solely on it for income. I blog because I enjoy sharing my story. My husband is the provider for our family so I have the freedom to make money blogging or not. I started blogging for fun in 2007 and did not make it a hobby which I could earn money from until 2010. If you ask most bloggers in my niche they’d tell you the same thing. The hours can be long and while the pay is good most of us work crazy hours trying to keep it up.


  2. Saidah,
    Love your blog. I was wondering if you ever did a post (that I missed) on how much you make monthly w/doing these different surveys? Also, do you do the surveys each time they come to your inbox OR do you have some kind of schedule on doing them? I would like to start a blog and I’d like to start signing up w/various survey companies — but I’d like to know what would “eventually” generate the most $ for my time. What are your thoughts? Also, do you find that with this blog you are making a good amount of $ (monthly, weekly) for all the time that you put into it. I notice that you are one of the few bloggers that post very often throughout the day. Your input would be very appreciated. Thx. Donna


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