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6 Simple Ways I Organize My Home Using Hooks

1. Pocket book

This is one of my favorite uses for hooks. I’ve come home so many times and laid my purse wherever I had the energy to hang it.  Sometimes that would be the stair rail other times that was the couch, the kitchen counter and even the floor beside my bed. No matter where it was, I would have a hard time remembering where I put it the next day which is why I love hooks.

I have a handy pocketbook hook hanging in my bedroom where I now hang my purse. It’s my designated place and I am no longer running around fiive minutes before it’s time to leave looking for my purse.

 2. Bathroom Linen:

I have two large hook hanging inside our bathroom door. It’s a great place for me to hang towels and my bathrobe. I’ve also installed them in the kids bathroom as well. They love having their own hook for hanging their linen and robes.

3. Cleaning Closet:

My cleaning closet has become so much more user friendly since adding hooks. Everything now has a place. Giving items a place makes it easy for the kids to find things and it give them the obligation to put things back exactly where they took it from.

4. Clothes:

This is actually the adjacent wall inside of my cleaning closet where I hang my aprons. My aprons hang in a row up high and the kids have their aprons (not shown) on hooks a little lower in the closet.

5. Tools:

I could never figure out a way to store my paint brushes and one day it dawned on me to try hooks. I tied on some yarn and hung my paintbrushes in a row. It worked out great and keep them neat and easily assessable.

6. Jewelry:

Having an organized area for storing jewelry goes a long way to ensuring that you wear the jewelry you have. Before deciding to use hooks, I’d keep my jewelry in a bag. This method of storage keep my jewelry out of sight which made it more work to find items to pair with outfits.

Now that I have them on hook inside of my clothes closet, I wear almost everything at least once a month. I shared a ton of pictures on how I organize my jewelry earlier this month.

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