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Things To Do Before Getting Online

I have this sticky note below pinned to my laptop dashboard as a little reminder of the things I should get done before getting on the computer.

While blogging is important to me there are some responsibilites that I must attend to that are important to the people who depend on me.

While this sticky note by it’s self does not always succeed in compelling me to address the areas listed on it before I start blogging, it does initiate a thought process that helps me move closer to becoming more disciplined in how I manage my time.

With time it’s become more of a habit to just go ahead and tackle the things on the list before logging on. With time I have become more disciplined.

I talk to my children often about working before playing. And while I don’t 100% look at blogging as playing as it does bring in an income, I do want to remember that it is not my first priority.

I’m a wife, mom and a business women in that order. As a good steward over what God has given me I strive to keep my priorties in order. Having this little reminder on my desktop has definitely gone a long way to helping me get better.


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1 thought on “Things To Do Before Getting Online

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this reminder of what my priorities should be. Often being a wife and mother takes second place to my working. God has been dealing with me about this area of my life. Thank you for the confirmation.


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