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DIY: How I Fixed up an Old Mirror

I have this unframed mirror that I’ve told myself I’d do something with for the last eight or so years. Well I’ve finally stopped procrastinating when it became obvious where I wanted it to go.

I was set on having it in one of my girls rooms but the thought of them having this free standing mirror in their room sorta scared me. Kids can be kids and I’d hate for one of them to knock it over and it break into tiny pieces on the carpet.


It wasn’t until I began working on my master bath and bedroom that I finally realized where the shelf would not only look great but be safe from being broken.


You guessed it! My master bath.

I have this wonderful new shelf that I built for my master bath and thought a mirror would look great perched up high.

I knew I wanted this to be an easy project but I didn’t want it to look cheesy or cheap. I would have loved to frame it with trim, but I didn’t want to bother with measuring, cutting, sanding or painting.


When I was set on using this mirror in my girls room, I was going to go for glamour and bling it out with clear sea glass. I started playing with the design and loved it but it wouldn’t work in our master bath. Too girly.


I wanted a look that was both masculine and feminine. This was when I thought river rocks would make a nice trim design. The come in lots of sizes and neutral colors.


I went with the larger dark rocks because I thought they’d go nice with the baskets already on the shelf plus larger rocks when get the project done faster.


First, I laid the rock out on a pattern that I liked. Next I just picked up each rock, added hot glue and stuck it to the mirror.


Easy – Peasy! I mean seriously, I felt like I was in primary school working on an art project.


After everything was glued on, up on the shelf my new mirror went.





Shortly after taking these picture I took a shower and kept hearing a clanking noise.

Yeah…it was the rocks falling off.


So, I went back and pulled off the rock that were loose and realized that I didn’t use enough glue for the weight of these rocks. I went back and re-glued the ones that came off.


Overall, this was an easy project and adds just the added touch I was looking for.


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