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Medicine Cabinet Organization with Containers

Medicine Cabinet Organization with Containers

In continuing the theme of “How I Organize My Entire Home With Containers“, today I’m sharing how I achieve medicine cabinet organization with containers.

Inexpensive containers helped bring harmony to my kitchen cabinet and my deep freezer so I thought why not see how it could work in my medicine cabinet.

I keep all of the families medicine in a kitchen cabinet where it’s easy for everyone to find.

Before using containers, all of the medicine and First-Aid supplies sat semi neatly in the cabinet but they had no organized rhythm — well at least not to my husband and kids. They’d go into the cabinet, shuffle everything around only to come back and say they couldn’t find whatever it is they were looking for.

That’s where the containers with compartments idea in. I figured if things were grouped together it’d be easier for them to find things. So we tried this method for a few months but I was still hearing that they couldn’t find things.

The only things I send them to get (mostly) is cold medicine and I guess with so many different bottles for cough, or fever, or fever and cough and the list goes on…it could get confusing for them.


So I took the grouping one step further.

I bought in the orange container above. It cost $0, and was just laying around from some Easter’s ago. It was the perfect shape and size to hold only cold/sick child related items.

It holds cough drops, throat spray, nasal spray, cold, cough and fever medicine, thermometers and medicine cups. Having this little container makes it so much easier for me and the kids when someone is sick.

I can now just tell them the grab the ‘orange medicine container’, and everything I need is in there. I can even keep it right by my bed to make giving medicine to a sick child every four hours, so much easier.


I now use the blue container with the handle strictly for adult medicine — (see left side of container), First – Aid (see closest compartment on the right side of the container) and anything related to ear, eyes and throat (see compartment in the back on the right side of the container).


For just a small investment, I have been able to better utilize my cabinet space and get things more organized. With all of the frugal improvements I’m making around the house, things are becoming more, user friendly for my family.


What are you thinking can be organized in your home using dollar store containers?

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6 thoughts on “Medicine Cabinet Organization with Containers

  1. WOW – now i gotta figure out what i could put in containers in my house! 😀


  2. I’m so glad I found your site. Another great idea I will use.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @You, Me & B, Thanks!! I’m glad you found my site too. I hope your store has these. They are very useful for all sorts of things.


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