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My Bathroom Storage Shelf Makeover



I’m back in my master bathroom today trying to tweak our on going storage situation. As I mentioned here, we are now downstairs and are using a bathroom that used to be a guest bath. It has a pedestal sink that worked really well for a guest bath but not so much for a master bath.



So after moving downstairs I started brainstorming some storage options and decided to bring in a piece of furniture sort of like the one I shared in this post.


I’ve been looking for the perfect piece on Craigslist and at the Goodwill but still have not found anything that would work well for the size of the bathroom and my budget.


In the meantime I decided to install a floating shelf and update an existing shelf we installed years ago.


We bought this two tier shelf at Target as a place to hold store clean guest towels.


When I initially bought the shelf I loved it because it reminded me of the towel shelves in hotels. As you can see they have tiny rails every inch or so. This design allows air to circulate through your towels thus keeping them fresh and dry despite the moisture that can accumulate in a bathroom.


We have way to much bathroom linen for a shelf this size which is what prompted the idea for the floating shelf on the adjacent wall. Adding that extra shelf provided more storage space and a place for me to display things.

After building the shelf I was not content with the canvas baskets that held our toiletries. I tried moving them from the floating shelf area over to the old towel shelf but the canvas storage was not working. They were just too flimsy for the bulky-ness of our stuff. The problem with just stacking everything on the shelves was the tiny rails that were perfect for allowing air to circulate through our towels, made it impossible for thing to stay upright on the shelf. I knew I’d need to create a sturdy foundation in order to make these shelves useful.


I debated between using cardboard or wood but decided to use some scrap wood from a drawer on it’s way to the trash. I disassembled to draw and cut the wood down to size.


I lightly sanded it and then checked to see how everything would fit together. I was happy with the preview, so now it was time to beautify the project.


I stopped by the store and picked up some patterned contact paper. I used the paper to cover the shelves and then began arranging things.





I really love the way this project turned out.


My husband who doesn’t normally notice the little projects, noticed this one. I mean who wouldn’t notice that all of the toiletries they use on a daily bases where free to roam around on a shelf and no longer confined to a flimsy canvas box.


The next part of this project will be painting the shelf white so keep an eye out for that in a future email newsletter.


So that’s my really inexpensive fix for bathroom storage. The improvements make it so much more fun to get ready in the mornings. All of my stuff is within arms reach and neat.





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