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New Jingit Quiznos, Fuse and Ticketmaster Ads — Boost Your Account Earnings (EXPIRED)

Log in to your Jingit account to see if you have the following ads for Fuse, Ticketmaster and Quiznos. That’s five ads that will help you increase your Jingit balance in just a couple of minutes.

Even if you don’t get the Quiznos ad, you can print coupons for *FREE Quiznos fountain drink and $1 off a Quiznos sub.

Once you start earning money with Jingit, it’s easy to cash out. Just follow the steps here.


If you are just hearing about Jingit for the first time today, here’s what you can do on Jingit.

Jingit is Walmart & Kraft Foods user interactive panel that allows you to earn money for viewing ads or filling out surveys.

Jingit (Walmart & Kraft Foods) also allows you to help provide meals to families as a member. Just click on one of the images below to start earning and to see how you can help hungry families.

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