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Summer Survival Guide: Keeping Kids Busy On A Budget

I look forward to spending the summer months with my children because during that time we get to enjoy activities that we neglect during the school year.

I won’t pretend to have you think that my children are always on their best behavior. Nor will I lead you to believe that things don’t get chaotic around here.

My children run up and down the hallway screaming and stomping several times a day. And since the start of the summer they’ve already broken a vase that I’ve had for close to ten years.

But having been a mother, going on seventeen years, I’ll share a one or two tricks that I’ve learned about making it through summer break with your sanity intact.

A few weeks before the start of the summer break, I scour the local newspapers, magazines and websites looking for FREE summer activities for kids.

  • Many bowling alleys have specific days that a FREE or discounted during the summer.
  • Movie theaters have been known for offering a FREE or discounted viewing day during summer months as well.
  • Lowes and Home Depot host FEE how-to clinics which are usually offered on Saturday mornings.
  • The summer reading programs are always a great FREE option as well.

As I find each of these activities, I save them in my eCalendar and set a weekly reminder for my self. This makes it easy to see what activities are available for us on any given day.

Now when I sit down to make my weekly plan all of the leg work is already done. All I have left to do is decide where we will go for any given week.

Keeping the kids cooped up in the house all day will drive you nuts and them as well.

I’ll admit that it takes a little effort to get everyone ready to go but it’s always worth it when they come home pooped.

Having a weekly written plan of your activities is going to be a valuable tool. Knowing where your going allows you to plan ahead for easy dinner ideas. You won’t want to cook dinner after being out all day, nor will you want to eat out several times a week. Try to stick with freezer meals, crock pot dinners and no cook meals during the summer months.

If you are new to planning out your summer activities and have no idea where to start I’ve compiled a list of suggestions.

  • Movie theaters
  • Zoo
  • Museum
  • Pool/splash pad
  • Kid friendly restaurants w/ play area
  • Local park
  • Water day in the back yard
  • Craft store workshops
  • Home Improvement Center workshops
  • Vacation Bible School

These are just a few of the place to begin looking in order to piece together a summer fun activity list.

Scheduling weekly activities for the children is a win-win situation for everyone. They get to burn off energy and I am able to get some blogging done.

What do you do to keep your children busy during the summer months? I’m always looking for fresh ideas.

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