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Three Ways To Improve Your Finances This Month

With the gas and grocery prices yo-yo-ing like they do, a family has got to find creative ways to offset the rises in price.

There are really only three things you can do which are;

  1. Trust God
  2. Save more money
  3. Make more money

If you do those three things, you’ll be able to outpace any changes in the economy. Today  I want to help you with number three.

If you are a stay at home mom who is feeling the squeeze of the economy on your finances, you’ve probably already considered going back to work to help the family.

Am I right?

I was in that position several years ago and made a decision to stick with God’s plan for being a full-time stay at home wife and mom. That was me following option number one.

I then decided to find ways to save more money which included using coupons and shopping sales. (Option two)

Finally, I began to educate myself on ways to make money from home when I learned about and began taking surveys. (Option 3) After a few months, I was making $50 – $200 every 30 days by taking surveys, testing products and serving on consumer panels.

If you’ve done options one and two and are ready to try option three, here’s a list of the top 13 companies I recommend:

  1. Surveys.com – $25 cash out threshold
  2. Opinion Outpost – Immediate Amazon Gift Code cash outs
  3. Inbox Dollars – $5 New Member Bonus + most members earn about $30 per month.
  4. My View – Pays for every survey even if you don’t qualify. Cash out for Prepaid Visa Cards.
  5. My Survey – Pays for every survey even if you don’t qualify. $25 cash out threshold.
  6. Dollar Surveys – Earn $1 per survey via Pay Pal (no limit). $1 cash out threshold paid via PayPal.
  7. Ipsos I-say – Cash out at $10 for Amazon.com & $25 for Paypal deposit.
  8. Global Test Market – Minimum cash out is $50 or 1,000 points paid by check.
  9. Toluna – Get paid for surveys & to test and keep full sized products.
  10. Survey Spot – Cash out at $10 via Pay Pal or check.
  11. Valued Opinion – Pays $1 -$5 per survey. Cash out at $20.
  12. Jingit – Pays you for watching commercials and checking in at Walmart.
  13. Nielson Consumer Home Scan – looking for shoppers who willing to use a grocery scanner to track their purchases.. 

If you are looking to really supplement your income or make some extra cash, begin by taking a look at some of the other survey sites I recommend. You will need to be a member of at least 10 quality survey companies in order to earn $50 – $100 a month. If you are still unsure if there is any money to be made by taking surveys, read my post “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys“.

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