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FREE Book: Frayed | Holding Onto God’s Grace in A Marriage About To Snap {Kindle Edition}

Amazon has Frayed | Holding Onto God’s Grace in A Marriage About To Snap Kindle Edition available for FREE today. This is available FREE for a limited time only!!

Book Description

After you get married more times than not, the “love bubble” in your marriage will pop and reality will set in. Your marriage will not always be easy and sometimes you will find yourself in the middle of the nitty gritty, the good, the bad and the ugly of it. That’s when it becomes hard, when you have to rely completely on the Lord and not your love for each other.

If you’re already married then I hope this book will be an inspiration for you that God can get you through anything in your marriage. If you both believe and follow Him, then He will lead you through it all.
If you are single, then I hope this will be an awareness of what your heart is vulnerable to in love. That God needs to be your stronghold from the start, and that He must be the one constant.

God chose to take me through a road less traveled in my marriage, and I love him for it. Traveling this path has made my marriage stronger and made me a better woman, wife and mother.

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