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11 Things God Taught Me About Strengthening Marriages

11 Ways to Make Your Marriage Stronger

11 Ways to Make Your Marriage Stronger

1 – Love your husband with all that you are.

He should have no doubt that you love him more than any other man on this earth. Loving your man start with respecting your man.

I personally am willing to do what it takes for my man to know I love him because he and our marriage union is just that important to me.

2 – Be your husbands BIGGEST cheerleader.

No women should be out cheering you not even his momma or your daughters and especially not some women he works with.

Whether he is reaching for his dreams or down in the dumps, it’s your voice he should hear right after Gods, cheering him on.

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3 – Make passionate love to your husband regularly.

This is where the rubber meets the road for many if you. You might be sucking your teeth and ready to close the browser page, but this is where we separate the little girls from the women.

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Desiring our husbands physically is GODLY and pleasing one another is encouraged in scripture. Withholding physically intimacy is detrimental to your marriage and it’s exactly what Satan wants us to do.

You do what you want in your marriage but don’t say I didn’t tell you.

4 – Cleave to your husband.

Listen up because this one is really important. Cleaving to your husband will strengthen the marital bond. My husband and I spend a lot of time together.

We’ve structured our lives so that we spend more waking hours together than apart.

That is a priority for us.

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When we are together we are constantly learning more about one another and growing together in our knowledge of God.

Cleaving forces you to sharpen each other and become one. Some ways my husband and I cultivate oneness are:

  • We go to bed together. We don’t stay awake pursuing hobbies and we’ve structured our life so that neither of us have to work beyond our bedtime.

  • We eat most of our meals together when we are home together.

  • We share in each others hobbies. Neither of us could care any less about the others hobbies. What we are concerned with is how good it makes the other feel and how it’s helping them pursue their interest.

5 – Let him lead.

This is the one that usually drives women nuts and that’s okay. In my home, my husband is the boss and he’s great at it. He’s the boss because

1) GOD ordained it in HIS word


2) I allow him to be.


My husband is the boss for those two reasons. He was a good man when I married him and he became a great man when I let him lead our family.

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6 – Respect him.

Respect for me is showing honor to my husband. I honor him in my words, thoughts and actions. On serious issues or in the midst of a disagreement I try my best to speak to him as though I am speaking to GOD Himself.

7 – Speak well of your husband to others.

I find myself apologizing to friends because when ever we talk about husbands I constantly talking about my husbands good qualities.

I speak well about my husband intentionally. It’s not as if he never does a single thing to get on my nerves, the truth is that I’m to busy following my passion to build up marriages to focus on any negative aspects of my husbands.

I’m to busy teaching the younger women to love their husbands and their children to even place a spotlight on any of mu husbands shortcomings. I don’t have time to put my husband down when I could be building up the great blessings that the Lord is doing through my husband.

8 – Pray for your husband.

I mean REAL PRAYER. Not prayers to GOD to change your husband into who you want him to be, but prayers for GOD to change him into who HE wants your husband to be.

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9 – Pray with your husband.

This is the most intimate you can be with your husband aside from physical intimacy. When you pray together you are going as one into the presence of God.

10 – Love and protect his children.

This should be easy since they should be your children as well. While sometimes that is not the case with blended families it should still be a priority for you.

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11 – Overlook his faults.

No husband will ever do everything perfectly and neither will we. However we must trust that GOD is able to work in our husbands to make them better in HIS time.

As wives we should focus on doing everything we can from this list and the Bible to help make the change easier. Swallowing this final step is made so much easier when we remember who many of our faults were overlooked by God.

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16 thoughts on “11 Things God Taught Me About Strengthening Marriages

  1. How do I cleave to my husband when his work requires him to be gone often? Just want your advice. Thanks


    A Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Lisa, you’ll have to be creative. When my husband worked a lot, we had to intentionally find ways to connect. Cleaving is about the physical and spiritual connection so what I’d do is make praying together a priority. Skype, Google Hangout, Face Time or text will work. When my husband is on the road, he’ll face time me for a few minutes so we can connect. Also, love notes. Love notes are an awesome way to express yourself and feel close. I’m not sure what kind of work your husband does or for how long he’s gone, but be creative and stoke the flames of your marriage.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing all your advice. I read your posts everyday. I can’t wait to be able to comment on facebook that we have been married 5 years or more. We just got married last August. Just over 3 months! You are blessing. Thank you!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Thanks so much @Chani Jameson, and congratulations on your marriage!!


  3. Thanks for sharing these encouraging words. I also like the way you stood up and strong to disagreement.


  4. To put our hubby’s exalted to such pedestals usually come from our own short falls of not wanting to be accountable for our own behavior and use this method as a crutch giving way to a munipulitve woman who want take responsibility for unhealthy environments she herself has allowed or created healthy balance and accountability from both hubby and wife submitted unto Christ makes a healthy marriage


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    I admonish you to study scripture and pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal Gods hierarchy for the Christian family.


    Shantel Reply:

    @The Proverbs Wife, i have and am very well studied with degree I am not cynical from past experiences and am going by the scriptures you have taken and detered from its meaning but its your blog I’ll let it be!!


  5. As a formerly abused Christain women with years of rehabilitation there are too many half truths here and room for abuse Christian woman are some of the hardest woman to come out of abuse too much to address but I’ll say 1. The Bibke says to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart mind soul and strength not your hubby putting it the way you have almost puts him in the place of God which he is not he’s a man Mathew 12:30-32


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    All of the principles listed are supported by Biblical principles. Husbands are not Gods nor should they be worshipped however they should be loved and respected. Even Sarah called her husband Lord as an example of reverence for his position as husband, protector and provider. I truly believe that because of your past experiences you have become cynical. Gods word doesn’t change just because we have bad experiences. Men don!t abuse because a wife follows Gods principles, husbands abuse because they chose too. I totally disagree that honoring Gods role for wives in marriage opens the door for abuse. It’s quite the opposite. It opens the door for greater faith.


    Shantel Reply:

    @The Proverbs Wife, I’m not cynical from past read my bible very well have biblical studies degree walk in faith 18 years plus and merely stating your interpretation leaves too much room for error to those who are in Christian abusive situations I have also learned the language of abuse I suggest you take a course to understand what I mean! Again it’s your blog my apologies God bless


  6. Thank you for sharing encouraging words to us women!!! It sure is a blessing!!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Tina, You’re welcome Tina.


  7. JOY LEWIS says:



    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Your welcome Joy. Have a blessed day sweetie.


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