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29 Things That Should Be Mastered Before Considering Working Outside of the Home

Things That Should Be Mastered Before Considering Working Outside of the Home | AProverbsWife.com

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After watching the video of my Homemaking Binder, many of you contacted me asking me to share several resources from my homemaking binder.

I’ve already shared 17 Free Resources for your Homemaking Binder and will continue to type up and add more to the blog this year.

Today I’m sharing a list for Christian women who have decided that their time and resources would be put to better use being at home full-time.

This list is not intended to make Christian women who work outside of the home feel bad.

The purpose of the list is to help those who have decided to be at home full time deal with the pull to go back into the workplace.

I’d felt the pull  when I first came home full-time. I see-sawed back and forth for many reasons so when I came across the list of things that should be mastered before considering working outside of the home, I copied it, added it to my homemaking binder and began using it as a guide to grade myself on my progress in my new vocation as a Full-time Homemaker.

If you are in need of a standard and some guidance in how you can apply your time as a homemaker take a look at the following list which you can print for your binder here or by using the print tool below.

Keep in mind that I am not the author of the list. I searched the web high and low for the source and could not even find the list online.

How should you use this list?

I suggest using the list as-is or in an edited version. Some of the suggestions may not be applicable to your lifestyle. Would you be less of a Christian or Proverbs Wife if you omitted number 3? I’m highly doubt it. In fact, I have kitchen appliances and china above my cabinets. 😀

Ask God to speak to your heart so that you can discern what His standard is for you.

29 Things That Should Be Mastered Before Considering Working Outside of the Home

1. Do you have a morning routine in the house?

2. Are your dishes washed and put away?

3. Are your cabinet tops clear?

4. Is your table clear, when you are not dining, and do you have a centerpiece?

5. Have you cleaned your cupboards and storage areas, and fridge in the last three months?

6. Is your porch clean and the entryway cheerful for visitors or people who see it from the road?

7. Are your carpets cleaned?

8. Is your floor clean?

9. Is your living room ready for company?

10. Is your laundry washed, folded, ironed and put away?

11. Is your mending and button replacement caught up?

12. Do you bake bread or desserts?

13. Is your bathroom shining clean and does it smell nice?

14. Does your house smell nice?

15. Have you redecorated or rearranged the last three years?

16. Are your beds made? Are you sheets and bedding fresh?

17. Are all minor household repairs complete?

18. Do you grow a garden, or even a tomato in a pot?

19. Are your drawers and storage areas organized?

20. Is your homemaking notebook organized and up to date?

21. Are your computer files organized?

22. Is your correspondences caught up?

23. Do you make any of your own clothes?

24. Does your husband ever have to ask for an ironed shirt?

25. Is your desk organized?

26. Do you go through your things regularly for garage sales or donations?

27. Are your windows and window sills clean?

28. Do you cook regular meals from basic ingredients?

29. Have you had anyone over for a meal in the last month?

30. Do you read at least one good book or learn something new within the year?

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5 thoughts on “29 Things That Should Be Mastered Before Considering Working Outside of the Home

  1. Wangechi Murichu says:

    Thanks for taking time to reaffirm what we at times take for granted.


  2. Thank You!!!!!
    I was so Excited when I came on the site!! Today my daughter Sa’Riah turned six months and I had planned to start planning for my return to work. This was before I learned about your site and just as God had put it on my heart to put my home first. THANK YOU !!! Please keep sharing what God is putting on your heart it is soooo wonderful and an great inspiration and encouragement!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    YAY!!! I’m happy about your decision to put your home first. I pray that God would lead you to do what’s best for your family. I love you daughters name. Very pretty. 🙂


    Kina Reply:

    @Chanda, That’s wonderful!!!


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