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Do-It-Yourself Focal Point Sunburst Mirror | Total Cost $7 or Less


While the children were still in school I began remodeling our family room. I started by repainting the walls and adding some wall decals.

I created a family photo with interchangeable photos to hang over our fireplace and then got to work on creating this fun Sunburst mirror.

It was really easy to make and cost under $10.


  • 2 sheets of white poster board – $1 each
  • Cardboard – $0
  • Black spray paint – $4
  • Small black mirror – $1
  • Hot glue sticks – $1
  • Hot glue gun – $1


First, I divided the poster board into equal sized rectangular strips. I marked each strip with a diagonal line.


Next I cut each strip and then hand drew the shape I wanted at the tip of each sunburst petal. After drawing each petal, I cut out the shape of each petal point.


Once all of the tips were cut, I cut a circle from a piece of cardboard. I spray painted the cardboard black to match the black mirror I used for the center. Once the cardboard dried I hot glued the mirror to the center of the cardboard.

In order to create the shorter petals in the center of the sunburst, I cut off most of the length of the strip. I did the same for the second layer of petals only I cut off a little less of the length of the strip.

I began hot gluing the petals starting with one of the shortest positioned at the north, south, east and west positions of my cardboard circle.


I continued filling in petals and layering until I had the finished project below. The full size of the sunburst is 36 inches by 36 inches.


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2 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Focal Point Sunburst Mirror | Total Cost $7 or Less

  1. I LOVE this!!!! Only thing is if I made it, it wouldn’t turn out this good! :0) You did a great job!!!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    πŸ™‚ I’m sure it would turn out great Pam. I plan to make one for my daughters room once I find a nice pink poster board. I may do a video tutorial. Its very easy to make.


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