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How to Upgrade Your Husband’s Drawers | #MaLoUnderwear

I’ve written and vlogged several times to encourage wives to be visually pleasing to their husbands.

The way I see it, if you are married then you must have been the women of your husbands dreams and fantasies which is why I encourage wives not to let themselves go just because they are married.

In the same regard, husband shouldn’t let themselves go either. They should do their very best to stay groomed, dressed and smelling like their wives desire them too.

I understand how budget issues and digging out of debt can hold a couple back from buying the latest fashion so I am not advocating living outside of your financial means and goals.

When we were paying off debt we wore some of the raggediest undergarments and pajamas ever. We refused to replace anything until it was 100% useless or until we were 100% debt-free.

  • If it was faded it stayed.
  • If it had a hole in an area but the crotch it got a few more wears.
  • If it was a stained pajama shirt or bottoms it was worn.

It had to be literally useless for me to replace so I understand financial issues that can keep you from looking your best.

Now that we are debt-free except for our mortgage, we no longer sacrifice in the undergarment and pajama department.

In fact, I regularly go through my husbands clothes to get rid of things that don’t appeal to me. I am especially particular about his underwear stash.

The main reason is because after a long day of homemaking, I don’t want to look at my husband in a pair of faded, holey, saggy underwear.

Luckily in my marriage the feeling is mutual. After a long day at work, Mr. P doesn’t want to see me in a bra that’s being held together with a safety pin and a pair  of grannie pannies.

We want to see one another in attire that is visually pleasing. For me visually pleasing underwear has to meet the following criteria.

  • great fit.
  • color that compliments Mr. P’s skin tone.

My Mr. recently noticed a hole in one of his favorite pair of underwear. That gave me a reason to go through his stash and replace any that were not up to par.

I was offered the chance to try the new MaLo line by Mario Lopez courtesy of K-Mart. It was perfect timing too.

When I got to the K-Mart men’s fashion section, there were tons of the usual choices such as Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, but I easily spotted the new line MaLo line.

I initially noticed that they were a little pricier per underwear. I don’t mind paying a little bit more since my husband had several complaints about the fit of the Hanes and Fruit of the Loom brand. Often times higher prices equal better quality and fit.

I was glad to see that there was a small core selection to choose from. Mr. P and I don’t need a whole bunch of cuts. We like boxer briefs loose fit or that tight biker fit. There were three color combinations to choose from so I grabbed styles 1 and 3 simply because the third color choice was not visually appealing to me.

Once I got home I washed the underwear since my husband won’t wear new clothes until they are washed. After they were washed and dried, I went through his underwear basket removing anything not in good shape.

He had one pair that needed disposing.

After everything was washed, dried and sorted, I folded and stacked them in his underwear basket.

My husband really liked the MaLo line. At first he wasn’t too sure about the colors but they ended up looking great on him.

If your spouse has some items that are not appealing to you it might be worth discussing. Visual stimulation is a part of marriage that should not be neglected. In healthy marriages, spouses should actively seek out ways to keep the desire for one another stimulated.

If you want to see some behind the scenes photos and antics that went on while shopping for new underwear, be sure to check out over 51 photos here.


CHALLENGE: Go through one area of your wardrobe to see if there are any things in there that are not their best. You can also get your spouse involved by having each of you choose one thing from your wardrobe that they’d like to never see again. Let me know how this turns out. 😀


To see how other women are stepping up and upgrading their husbands underwear drawer, check out this MaLo makeovers Pinterest Board. You can also learn more about the MaLo line by visiting their Twitter and Facebook pages



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