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New Jingit Elmers Glue, Smores, Fruit Snacks and more Ads — Boost Your Account Earnings

I just want to remind you about Jingit and also remind you to log into your account today. There’s an ad is for Elmer’s Glue that pays $0.12.

Not as much as the 1 minute ad that paid $0.50 but hey!?

There’s also a Fiber One and  Betty Crocker Fruit Snack  and a Smore’s offer If you are just hearing about Jingit for the first time today, here’s what you can do on Jingit.

Jingit is Walmart & Kraft Foods user interactive panel that allows you to earn money for viewing ads or filling out surveys.  My last balance was$2.45 for watching 15 minutes worth of commercials.

I haven’t logged on to Jingit  in a few days (I forgot), but when I did this morning there was a 1 minute ad and questionnaire that paid $0.50. I don’t mind earning $0.50 for 1 minute worth of work. So head over to Jingit and see if you have the same add in your account and grab your $0.50!!

Once you begin earning you’ll want to know how to get your moneyright? I shared a tutorial on how to do that too right here.

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