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4 Tips for Creating a God Centered Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tips | God Focused Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tips | God Focused Thanksgiving

Most Christians look forward to this time of year because we get to celebrate this important holiday. If you think about it, this particular holiday has its roots & beginnings in Christian celebrations.

Thanksgiving is a time in which we give thanks to God for all that we have. The Hebrew word most commonly translated “thanksgiving” means an extension of the hand, adoration.  It can also mean the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. 

Are we really celebrating thanksgiving the way the Lord would have us celebrate?  

Have we lost the significance on thanksgiving and prayer and somehow shifted it to a feast of food, drink, and a game like the world has done?

We, as Christian wives, should shift the atmosphere in our home back to being thankful.

It is up to us and our husbands to take family back to our roots and beginnings. This holiday is a way in which we can teach our household to be thankful all year round and a reminder to keep God in the center.

It’s a time to give God what He’s due; our deep appreciation for what He has done for us given in a grateful language that is an expression of our worship and adoration.

Four ways to have a God centered Thanksgiving and examples of how to get started. 

1. Keep God in the CENTER of your festivities.

  • Look up bible verses on thanksgiving.
  • Have each family member read a scripture on thankfulness before your meal.

2. Offer God your WORSHIP & adoration.

  • Listen to worship music during the prep of your thanksgiving meal.
  • Sing songs of praises throughout the day.

3. Count your BLESSINGS.

  • Life, family, health, relationships, achievements, etc.
  • Have everyone compile them into one place and take turns reading them.

4. SERVE up a memory.

  • Have each family member tell a specific memory of being thankful.
  • Write or record them for remembrance.


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