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End of Year Roundup of Encouraging Resources for Christians

This year is about to be history and what I want to know is have we spent the last 365 days living for God?

No really!?!

Have we woke up each day intentional about becoming better Christians, women, wives, and mothers?

Did we spend our time using our resources to glorify God as best we could?

I certainly tried my best especially with how I used this site.

I hope you can look back and say when you came here you were encouraged, inspired and felt your passion ignited for Biblical living.

I’m sure you may have missed a few posts along the way so I rounded up a list for you.

I’m looking forward to all God has planned for us in the new year.

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Husbands and Wives | Equal to God in Value

How to Thrive in an Unequally Yoked Marriage

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Talk to God About Your Family

Roadmap to Gratitude for Christian Women

Christian Women Pray

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God is Able

A True Helpmeet

#1 Fashion Accessory for Christians

What Christian Husbands Should Know

True Meaning of Submission

The Precious Gift

Help Us Believe Phillipians 4:19 Today

Your Lifestyle Should Have an Impact on Others

11 Things God Taught Me About Strengthening Marriages

Am I the cause of my current situation?

20 Verses For Christians Concerned About Finances

Blogging for Compassion | A Letter To God

Having a Bad Day?

Daily Schedule for Peace

Serving God Motivates Christians

The Book of Ruth: 5 Things Christians Can Learn from Ruth and Naomi

Investing for Christians | More Than Just Money

You can choose problems or peace

How To Fulfill Your Purpose

Be Courageous

Which Kind if Wife Are You?

How To Make Good Choices in Any Situation

It’s Not About Us

4 Things Christians Should Look Out For

5 Things I’m Grateful for on 7/26

5 Biblical Characteristics of A Proverbs Wife

13 Things Moms Can Do For Their Struggling Child

3 Things Every Christian Wife Should Be Doing

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Being Christian is Hard Work — Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

Never Too Busy

Life Is Not Always Perfect

Don’t Miss Your Flight!

His Grace is Enough

7 Lesson from Proverbs 31

Prayer to become a Proverbs 31 Woman

God is for You

When Your Troubles Are Too Much to Bear

A Husbands Best Asset

Weapons Against Fearing the Unknown

Improving Our Prayer Lives

When Life is Hard…I Still Thank Him

Help When You’re in Trouble

Finding Direction When I’m Off Course

How To Focus on God in the Midst of Homemaking

Overcoming The Perfectionist Syndrome

10 Ways To Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them

The Bible is…

You Are Not Alone

I’m Letting Go Of Worry

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Interview

Why I’m Here!!

I’m a Follower

Interesting Facts About Jesus’s Birth

The Christmas Story shared on Facebook

Our Help

Faith Without Works…

Finding Your Joy in Homemaking

Question for the #CWAHM: Are You Still His Helpmeet?

Overcome Envy By Planting Your OWN Vineyard

Do You Have Faith in God’s Expected End?

Three Key Areas to Focus on When Praying for Your Husband

13 Ways To Tell Your Husband You Love Him Without Saying A Word

If You Could Begin Your Marriage Again, What Would You Do Differently? Pt. 2

If You Could Begin Your Marriage Again, What Would You Do Differently? Pt. 1

You Have The Right To Remain Silent: How Arguing Destroys Marriage

It’s Time To Be Delivered From People

Becoming A Wife That Submits To Her Husband

I Am My Husband’s “Good Thing”

How Should A Wife Disagree With Her Husband Respectfully?

One Income Living

Treating Your Husband Good When He’s Done Wrong

Loving Your Husband From His Perspective

6 Reasons to Wake Up Early

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1 thought on “End of Year Roundup of Encouraging Resources for Christians

  1. mindy coffey says:

    I can’t get away from this page lol b/c there are so many amazingly helpful & inspirational articles I need & want too read! Thank u!!!!


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