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How to Find the Best Christmas Gift of All Time

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men, Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls, Christmas Gift Ideas for Women, Christmas, Best Christmas Gift of All Time

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men, Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls, Christmas Gift Ideas for Women, Christmas, Best Christmas Gift of All Time

Do you want to find the best Christmas gift of all time?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! I think I can help! There are many different options, but I really recommend one of these three doors.

Behind door number one, you will find the ever inexpensive dollar tree store. For $50 (or less) you can have 50 (or less) pretty wrapped presents under your tree Christmas morning.

If you have little kids, this can be a great option as they usually seem to fall in love with the box their toy comes in more than the toy itself at this stage. Plus, let’s be honest. Most of their toys are broken before the end of the day. At least this way, they still get the joy and excitement of opening presents without breaking the bank.

Not a fan?

Well, how about door number two? Open this door, and you will find more of a white elephant approach. This can be a great choice for families with older children or all grown adults.

Each person draws a name of a family member from the hat and purchases one present for that person. Everyone gets a thoughtful gift, but again no one has to go broke.

If I may, I really would recommend door number three. While the other two doors are great options, I feel there may be an even better door yet. Open door number three, and tell me what you see.

I’m sorry… it’s what? Blurry? Hmm… that’s odd.

Do you see a switch anywhere?

Maybe a knob or a lever? Yes! On the right hand side… twist that to the right.

There we go! Now everything is crystal clear. It seems the picture of Christmas was just a bit out of focus. So… what do you see now?

A baby in a manger, yes. Anything else?

A family, you say? Well that sounds like a beautiful picture to me. What is the family doing?


Worshiping who?

The baby?

Why… you mean… it’s baby Jesus! Now do you see why this is my favorite door? That’s actually my family in there worshiping Jesus, and I can’t picture a more perfect Christmas.

The salvation of Jesus is the best Christmas gift of all time.

Christmas can be a hectic time. As a Christian woman living in this fallen world of ours, life can be quite stressful at times, and the holidays are no different.

In fact, sometimes the holidays are the worst time! There are so many expectations:

  • planning
  • shopping
  • wrapping
  • baking
  • mailing
  • cooking
  • and more!!

It’s easy to get sucked up into the holiday hoopla and lose track of what is most important at this time of year. Yes, even budgeting and trying to find the best deals for Christmas can take our eyes off of the true meaning of Christmas.

That is why my husband and I decided not to buy presents this year except a couple for each of our boys.

Now I am not saying this is for everyone. Please hear me when I say if you can afford to bless your family with gifts, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Our family is in a tight financial situation at the moment though, and we have made financial goals as a family, including being debt free, that are more important to us than presents this year.

To be completely honest, I did not like this plan at first. I was sad and even cried because I had picked out the perfect gifts for my husband. I wanted to buy them for him because I knew how much he would love them, but then he said something that quickly changed my heart.

He said all he needed this year was me and our two boys. I know it sounds cliché and so cheesy, but maybe this year, we need a change of focus rather than another budgeting tip or big Christmas sale.

What is your focus this Christmas?

What would the Proverbs 31 woman focus on if she was here today? Maybe it’s time to set aside our calculators and sale ads and pull out our Bibles to ask the Lord what He would have us focus on this season.

I promise you this… whatever door He leads you through, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Love this! He is the only reason for the season. Our family also does door number 2.


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