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DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

DIY Clipboard Tutorial at AProverbsWife.com

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This DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial has been on my project to-do list since last year. I use my clipboard several times a week and wanted to dress it up.

This was my first try and I did everything free-hand without measuring so you’ll see that the my contact paper measurements are not exact but the finished result serves its purpose.

Now when my clipboard is hanging on the wall above my desk it looks pretty instead of boring. All you need for this project is a clipboard and contact paper which can be bought at the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

First: Unroll a piece of contact paper larger than the size of your clipboard.

Now: Lay your clipboard on top of your contact paper. Your paper should be design side down so that you can use the grid lines on the back as a guide. Your clipboard should be back side down so that the clip is facing up toward you.

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Next: Trace around the edge of your clipboard and then cut out your shape.

Now: You’ll need to eyeball or measure the size of your clip. That’s how you’ll cut out the rectangle notch to fit around the clip.

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Finally: Peel off the sticky backing on your contact paper and adhere it to your clipboard.

DIY Clipboard Tutorial

As you can see, my measurements weren’t exact but that doesn’t matter to me. If you want yours to look more precise, be sure to measure your clipboard first.

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DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

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3 thoughts on “DIY Clipboard Craft Tutorial

  1. I did something similar last year to my old college fridge … It was scuffed up from all the years of moving around from here to there but it was still functional … I covered it with this contact paper that was like a brown leather … it looks kind of cool … I also used the contact paper to spice up simple cork boards I purchased to go above my desk.


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