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Do It Yourself Kids Artwork Display Frame


We are still in the process of remodeling our downstairs because of the flood but in the meantime, I’ve been tackling smaller projects as well.

So far we’ve pulled up carpet in the den and on the stairs throughout the house. We’ve also installed a wall to seal off a second entrance to our now master bathroom and repainted the entire lower level.

Last month we finished replacing all of our light bulbs with money saving CFL light bulbs and this month, I updated some of our light fixtures.

Everything is still a work in progress, but I am finally seeing some big improvements.

I took time of of working on the main areas of the house to focus on my daughters bedroom. I’ll reveal more of what I did soon, but one project I want to share today is this DIY kids artwork display frame I made for her.

DIY Kids Artwork Display Frame



  • Contact Paper
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Old Picture Frame
  • Styrofoam or cardboard backing



1. I cut one long piece of Styrofoam into two pieces to fit the width and length of my frame. I then tapped the two pieces together with masking tape.


2. Next, I measured out enough contact paper to cover the front of my Styrofoam. I then taped down the edges of the contact paper to create a white border.



3. Once the border was complete, I inserted the covered styrofoam backing into the frame.


The frame will be painted magenta to match her bedroom decor. We’ve decided on green apple, magenta and sky blue for her bedroom. You can see some of the ideas I have in store for her bedroom on her Pinterest board.


She really loves having this pin board in her bedroom to showcase her art work and test scores. In fact, her grades have improved because of this board. We set a standard for what grades we’d include on the board, and she’s been doing her very best to study so that she could be proud of her efforts.


To see some other ways you can make inexpensive decorations for your home check out my $7 sunburst mirror and my photo collage frame.

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