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FREE $5 Gift Of Your Choice

Are you interested in getting paid to eat out and shop at your favorite store?

If so, Plink might be worth taking a look at.

PLINK is offering you a Free $5 gift card (500 points)  for anyone who signs up and links a debit or credit card that they shop with. Plink  rewards points for shopping with old navy, arby’s, taco bell, regal cinema, and many more places. When you shop at these places using your card that you linked points are added to your account. It’s a win-win situation most of you shop at these places so why not be rewarded for it?

The current cash out level for giftcards is $5 (500 points) which you will receive just for signing up and linking your card. These are the reward options listed below.

  • $5 (500 points) Tango Card
  • $5 (500 points)  Amazon Giftcard
  • $5 (500 points) Walmart Giftcard
  • $5 (500 points) Kohl’s Giftcard
  • $5 (500 points) Facebook Credits


As you can see pictured above I have received my $5 (500 points) so why not claim yours. Whether you stick to the company or not a free $5 never sounds bad!!  

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5 thoughts on “FREE $5 Gift Of Your Choice

  1. How do you get Facebook points? And are the points rede able for the gift cards shown? I use a lot of cash rebate sits and have earned a lot if cash that way but I’m not familiar with this. The best deal going is a UPromise Credit Card. You shop one of the hundreds of UPromise stores though the UPromise link and get a percentage of your purchase in the form of cash back that is credited to your UPromise card. Then, you also get a percentage just for shopping using that card.

    For example, last week, I did my Fathers Day shopping at Kohl’s with a 15% off promo code. I went to the Kohl’s site through UPromise and got 5% credited back to my card through shopping through their Iink. I paid with my UPromise credit card and got another 5% for shopping at a retail outlet, also credited to my UPromise account and I used the 15% off promo code, too.

    At the end of the month, I get my UPromise statement that shows how much I’ve earned. I can choose to get the cash or to invest in a high-interest savings account or invest in a college savings fund. I am saving my money for my grandchildrens’ college education. If you shop on line often, the money builds up more quickly than you might think. I opened my account when my first grandchild was born.

    If anybody’s interested in signing up, let me know. I earn a little for referring people!


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