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How to Create a Homemaking Binder part 2 (plus 38 Free printables)

Homemaking Binder

Today I am sharing part two of a three part video series on the creation of a homemaking binder.

If you are new to HMB’s or are wanting to revamp yours so that it will help you better manage your home, today’s video is for you.

If you missed part one, I suggest going back and watching it using the link below.

How to Create a Homemaking Binder pt 1

Earlier this year I went through and updated my financial planning binder, kids school binder, blogging binder and homemaking binders and even decided to update my list of 17 FREE homemaking binder resources. The list now includes over 30 FREE Homemaking Binder printables that will be very useful to you after watching all 3 parts of this Creating Your Homemaking Binder video series.

Each part of the series will address a different part of my binder and how I use it. Today we talking about the menu section of the binder.

Watch the video below and then scroll to the bottom of this post to begin printing off your FREE homemaking binder resources.

Now that you’ve watched to video, here are 38 FREE Homemaking Binder Printables and I will be adding more throughout the year.

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10 thoughts on “How to Create a Homemaking Binder part 2 (plus 38 Free printables)

  1. I can’t get to a printer fast enough! I’m definitely going to use the financial printable a. I can’t believe you actually made that much money taking surveys! I’m going to sign up!


  2. Ditto what Janeane said! You’re definitely an inspiration and source of knowledge! Slowly but surely I’m getting there! Thanks so much for helping me become more organized and focused on the home front!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Thanks so much ladies!


  3. This is so smart … I have a ton of recipes that I’ve ripped out but I’ve never actually made them :/ But this is a great way when I start a family to see what they like or not and keep the recipe in the binder with a three hole puncher so smart!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Arelis Cintron, And cheaper than buying lot’s of recipe books.


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