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I’m Not Letting Allergies Ruin My Summer

Pollen Buildup

Pollen Buildup

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I woke up this morning with a burning sensation in my nose which later progressed to a sinus headache. I knew exactly what was going on.


Spring Landscaping - AProverbsWife.com

I spent most of this week outdoors landscaping my backyard. My husband and I have been planning this project for two months and I wasn’t going to let my allergies deter me. I wanted my backyard landscaped this weekend and I was willing to suffer the consequences later.

Well today was later.

I had some cheap-o allergy medicine in my cabinet I’d purchased from CVS a few weeks ago but the last time I took it I felt worse. It made me drowsy and my thinking foggy. It did the same to my son who suffers from allergies as well.

I needed to come up with a new plan which is why I jumped at the chance to try Allegra. The first thing I did was visit their website to learn more about Allegra.

Their tagline is “Stop Suffering. Start Living.” That’s exactly what I want myself and children to do this year.

We are very conscientious about pollen levels because we get so much of it.

Pollen Buildup

It comes in the form of visible dust clouds this time of year and blankets everything with a layer of yellow dust.

My husband knows how much I love to work in my garden, and up until now my husband calls me to tell me when I should stay in the house because of the pollen.

With Allegra, I was able to sign up for text or email pollen alerts which I thought was a very useful feature for serious allergy sufferers like my family.

pollen count

The alerts will let me know when to give my family allergy medicine before leaving the house. If you have allergies take a moment to sign up for the text alerts here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait!

Not only can you get pollen alerts, you can also get tips on managing allergies and an interactive Beauty App.!

Okay! Now we’ll know when to take steps to prevent allergic reactions.

After signing up for the alerts I read through the benefits of using Allegra and what  the symptoms of allergies are.

I read about the infamous symptoms in my home called the “Sneeze Attack”.

If you don’t know what a sneeze attack is, it’s when “sneezes happen rapidly” and “more violently than sneezes that come from colds”.

These sneezes leave my child’s abdomen hurting for 1-2 minutes after the attack.

Some days the allergies are so bad the kids just lay in bed with their eyes closed and mouths open. That’s when I know their sinuses are swollen shut.

Allergy symptoms can look like a cold so the “children’s allergy” section of the site provides a list of what to look out for to help you determine the difference.

Allegra Allergy - AProverbsWife (15)

After learning more about the benefits of using Allegra I went to CVS to pick up some for myself and for the children.

I try to keep my medicine cabinet stocked with first aid products and seasonal medications. The cheap-o allergy medication I bought a few weeks ago was not a good option for daytime use because of the drowsy effect.

Allegra Allergy - AProverbsWife (21)

This week I replaced my current medication with Allegra which has a printable coupon for $4 off adult and $2 children’s Allegra that can be used anytime during the year

Most allergy medicines I take literally inhibit my ability to perform normal daily activities like cooking, interacting with my family and staying awake.

That inebriated feeling bothers me on so many levels.

If I know an allergy medicine will make me drowsy I won’t take it during the day. Instead I suffer until bedtime.

We’ve taken many methods to reduce our contact with allergens like removing the carpet in our home, not opening windows, planning outdoor activities around the pollen and leaving my beautiful garden clippings outdoors. 🙁


As you can tell I want my family to stop suffering and start living. We kept my oldest son (12 years old) out of sports up until this year because we couldn’t risk him having a severe allergy reaction to being in the grass and pollen. We’ve done or are in the process of all of the recommended steps.

  • Removing carpets which trap dust, pollen, dirt, dander.

  • Weekly allergy shots

  • Suggested nasal sprays.

  • Washing hair and clothes daily during high pollen counts.

  • Washing bed linen every week.

  • Mattress and pillow case covers.

  • Use a purifier.

  • Keep the windows closed during high pollen counts.

  • Change indoor filters often.

  • No stuffed animals.

  • Take non-drowsy Allegra

medine caddy

Now that I have a non-drowsy allergy solution and resources here’s my plan of action.

  1. Get text alerts about high pollen levels.

  2. The family gets a dose of Allegra.

  3. Stop Suffering.

  4. Start Living.

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Would you like to learn more about Allegra, talk about solutions and win 1 of 5 $100 CVS gift cards? Be sure to RSVP for the Allegra #MyAllerGenius Twitter Party May 14th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST. You can chat directly with Allegra on Twitter using the handle @AllegraOTC.

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