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Movie Review: King’s Faith in theaters April 26th, 2013

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First off, let me just say that I was really excited to be able to review the movie, King’s Faith. While I knew very little about it, I had been told it was a Christian movie coming to theaters April 2013, and my husband and I love to support wholesome Christian movies no matter how big or small so we decided to make a date night out of the opportunity.


King’s Faith is rated PG-13 for violence, drug content, and thematic elements. Our sons are only 4 and 6 so we decided to make it a mommy and daddy night.

We started off our night with a yummy home cooked meal. I made oven baked salmon, Texmati rice, and steamed broccoli.


Then we kissed the boys and tucked them into bed for the night.


Next, we cuddled up on the couch with our little girl Dachshund and started the movie.

King’s Faith is based around the life of a teenage boy named Brendan King (played by Crawford Wilson of Zoey 101 and Judging Amy). He has lived in eighteen different foster homes and has gotten into trouble with the law many times due to drugs and gang affiliation.

After three years imprisoned, he is sent to live with an older couple, Mike (played by James McDaniel of NYPD Blue and Malcolm X) and Vanessa (played by Emmy Award winning actress Lynn Whitfield of Eve’s Bayou and The Women of Brewster Place).

Having found God while imprisoned, Brendan struggles to keep his life straight after being released when trouble seems to be coming at him from every direction. Mike, also a Christian, is determined to help Brendan rely on God and move past his mistakes, but his wife, Vanessa, isn’t so sure.

This movie tells the story of how these people seem to make sense of everything going on in their lives and how God fits into their stories. The underlying theme is redemption and faith.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so I won’t tell you any more about what happens! I will tell you this though. King’s Faith turned out to be even better than I had hoped. The story felt very real and at the same time was fairly clean. I do not remember any cursing or vial language.

There was a bit of violence and drug content, and for that reason, I would only recommend this movie for teenagers and above. King’s Faith was very thought provoking from beginning to end and would make a great resource for a youth group event or even outreach.

This movie is coming to select theaters April 26, 2013, but there’s good news! If your town is not listed to show King’s Faith, you can vote to bring it to your theater by going to demandkingsfaith.com.

Simply type in your zipcode and login to vote for your town. Once your town receives 500 votes, King’s Faith will be brought to a theater near you! You can also share the link through facebook with your friends to get them to vote as well.

Honestly, in this day and age, I think this movie has the power to really do some amazing things in teenagers, and the more cities that can have the ability to show King’s Faith, I think, the more God can reach out to the hearts of teenagers across our nation who may be struggling with drugs, gangs, violence, or life in the foster care system.

God especially loves society’s “unloveables”, and King’s Faith shares that message in a powerful way.

So… what was our final vote?

From me and my hubby…

thumbs up

We gave it two thumbs up!

Interested in seeing King’s Faith? Don’t forget to go to demandkingsfaith.com and vote for your city!

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