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**URGENT** A Blogger & Her 5 Year Old Twins | Victims of a Hit & Run

Janeannes world

A fellow blogger and her twin daughters were struck by a vehicle while walking home from school yesterday.

Not only were they struck, but the driver fled the scene. I am praying the authorities find the driver and prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

Fortunately, Janeane and her smallest twin daughter only suffered minor injuries, but her 2nd twin daughter was medevaced to a hospital in Delaware. She is under observation for a fractured hip and skull.

Janeane is a happily married wife and mother of four. If I lived closer to her I’d have taken her husband one of the two dishes I made for dinner tonight but I live miles away.

Nevertheless, I still want to do something for her family. I don’t want her family to have to worry about preparing dinner while dealing with this time.

I’ve decided to start a fund for Janeanne and send it to her to cover take out dinner for a few days. If you want to help please send donations in any amount via Paypal to aproverbswife@gmail or simply click on the “donate” button below.

If you are not able to help financially, please pray for her family and that the driver come forward or be found.

Thanks so much!!

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8 thoughts on “**URGENT** A Blogger & Her 5 Year Old Twins | Victims of a Hit & Run

  1. I just heard this news and couldn’t believe it! I will definitely be sharing and giving a donation as well. They will continue to be in my prayers. Thanks so much for writing this post.


  2. Kenesha Booker says:

    Hey Saidah, she is in my prayers and I sent a donation via your Paypal link!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Kenesha Booker, Thanks so much Kanesha. All of the meals and donations sent her way have been a tremendous blessing to her family.


  3. Thank you so much Sharon. So many have jumped in to help the family with meals, donations, prayers and words of encouragement. I’m so glad we have the internet and can use it for good for others.


  4. I was very saddened to hear this news. I was also struck by a car on the Main Line–last year. Fortunately, the driver who struck me stopped to render aid. I’ve sent a donation via your link, and Janeane and her little ones remain in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. I live too far too. I’m sending prayers and just sent you a donation via your link. Thank you for taking an initiative on this- so sad. I can’t imagine the heart break. Nemours is amazing- her little one will get amazing care there. I swear Angels work there!



    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Kristie, Thanks so much Kristie. All of the financial help and prayers will be greatly appreciated by the family. I’ll be glad when the driver is found and Janeane’s daughter is home. I’m praying this event doesn’t impact the girls in a negative way psychologically and that they are able to get past this.


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