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Cash Crate: Add an Extra $100+ to your Income Every Month

If you’re familiar with surveys then Cash Crate is another great market research site that you should become a  member with. I have been taking surveys since I’ve been 13 years old and I’ve made about $50-$150 dollars a month through survey companies. If your not familiar with surveys click here to learn more about what surveys are. For those of you who are already dedicated survey takers read below to learn a little more about Cash Crate.

Cash Crate is a pretty straight forward site. You not only earn money through surveys but by watching short videos, shopping online, signing up for free products, referrals and much more. The minimium cash out amount is $20 which you can receive by check or giftcards such as amazon, starbucks, walmart and many others. Something many of you might not have known is that the minimum age for many survey sites is 13 years old. Cash Crate accepts participants 13+ also. This is a site that potentially your tween/teen children can do that’s fun, generates money for them and teaches them the value of time and money. So what are you waiting for head over and start earning.

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