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How Does God Use Bad Situations?

How Does God Use Bad Situations?

Below you will find a video devotional taking you a step into the heart of God.  The video outlines the life of Joseph and gives you some insight on how God can turn the ugliest of messes into something beautiful.  The key scriptures used in the video are Genesis 50:20 and James 1:12.  The life of Joseph is found in Genesis 37-50.

The video is meant as a tool to help you apply the scriptures and examples to your own life, and to give you a key for overcoming bad situations.  God can use your disappointments and victories in life for the greater good!

Please comment below if you would like to receive prayer, as we are all here to encourage and build each other up.

 We will be creating more video devotionals on the YouTube channel. They are FREE to watch and you can even be notified when we post new videos. Be sure to subscribe to the A Proverbs Wife You Tube channel.

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