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The Prodigal Child At Home: Part 2

Raising a Prodigal Child - AProverbsWife.com

Raising a Prodigal Child - AProverbsWife.com

This post is for parents that are struggling with minor children who have been or are beginning to become rebellious and distant. In this two part series I’ll address a typical Christian family that has done all that they could to raise their child properly yet the child decides to turn away from God and everything the family believes in. This post is an accumulation of events and experiences that have affected not only myself but also close family friends of mine. You can read part one of Raising a Prodigal Child here.

Once the eyes have devoured pornography, it will be a permanent fixture in the memory and seared it will never be from the conscience. In addition, once the innocent gift of sexual purity until marriage has been unwrapped, it can never be again as new.  Author Unknown

When children go beyond the reparable sin of ignorance into the sins of willfulness Christian families have a great opportunity to be vessels of holiness.

When a child commits an irreparable sin, we may want to lash out. It’s hard to watch a child go down a path leading to a destructive lifestyle.

It’s perfectly okay to tell your child that they have hurt you with their choices. You  should tell them if  that you are disappointed that they have made choices in opposition to Gods word and your family rules. However, the most important thing you should do is continue to love them.

As parents we are to mirror ourselves after God.  Throughout the Bible no matter what the children of Israel did, God never stopped loving them.

If we are to be vessels of holiness, we must allow the Holy Spirit of God step in and guide us through the  rough patch of parenting a prodigal child. Their behavior today does not have to define who they’ll become.

We have all sinned and fallen short of Gods glory. While we did receive punishment, because of our sin, God never stopped loving us and we should not stop loving our children.

Here’s what we should do:

–    Take away the temptation from your child. If it is music, internet, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever…. TAKE IT AWAY!

–    Do not withhold your love from your child.

–    Go back to teaching biblical basics pertaining to their sin. Tell them specifically what the biblical consequences of sin are. Also, tell them what the carnal or worldly consequences of their sin are. Do this daily for 2-3 weeks.

–    Do not withhold your love from your child.

–    Be prayerful, praying with your spouse, by yourself and with/over your child.

–    Do not withhold your love from your child.

–    Allow them to see that you are hurt initially. It is okay if they see that their choice has hurt your family. However, do not carry on this way for long. It will only demonstrate that you believe there is no hope for them. Our Christian faith – being able to believe in the God that we cannot see based upon his word and action in our life – should be what gives us hope. Therefore, even though we cannot see our child as redeemed yet, we had better envision it and believe that it is possible.

Not every child will be rebellious, nor will everyone stray away from his or her Christian upbringing. Nevertheless, for those that do, it will take parents strong in faith to rally the troops, close ranks and create an environment where the child is not condemned.

We as parents can detest their unrighteousness but always love them as our children. If they never decide to follow God, that choice will ultimately be theirs.

We have a responsibility to show grace, mercy, forgiveness and hope for them in addition to instruction, discipline and guidance. They are our children and our brothers and sisters in Christ so let us comfort them and become a barrier for them when they are being tempted.

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