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Recipe: Spicy Tyson Chicken Fry Wrap

Tyson Spicy

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I cook dinner from scratch around 90% of the time but there are times where I incorporate store bought items to create a semi home cooked meal.

Semi cooked meals are especially helpful during lunch time.

Tyson Chicken Fries

This week I was invited to visit Sam’s Club to get some meal ideas using the Tyson Chicken Fries.

After attending the Sam’s Club food sampling I decided to come up with a recipe idea of my own.

I like easy meals and the Tyson Chicken Fries are just the right shape and size to create a super quick wrap. When using Tyson Chicken Fries inside this recipe I end up spending $0.85 more per pound but I save 45 minutes of cook time.

This is especially important on busy nights when I need to quick and easy meal idea.

I like making wraps because they can be customized to each persons liking.

My kids like plain wraps. Meat + cheese = wrap!!

I wanted my wrap to be fresh but also heart so here’s what I used.

Recipe: Spicy Tyson Chicken Fry Wrap - AProverbsWife.com


  • Tyson Chicken Fries

  • Spicy Guacamole

  • Spinach

  • Cucumber

  • Tomato

  • Swiss Cheese

1. Cook Tyson Chicken Fries as directed on the bag. Then heat them under the broiler on Hi for 1-2 minutes.

2. Spread a layer of guacamole in the center of your wrap.

3. Place a half slice of swiss cheese on top of the guacamole.

4. Place 4-5 Tyson Chicken Fries in a single layer in the center of the wrap.

5. Lay a few spinach leaves on top and roll the warp closed.

6. Eat with thinly sliced cucumber and tomato.

Recipe: Spicy Tyson Chicken Fry Wrap - AProverbsWife.com

This wrap is a time saver for busy women.

It took 30 minutes to prepare the entire meal and it was so delicious.

The Tyson Chicken Fries wrap is not only delicious but satisfying.

If you are a fan of Tyson products, keep and eye out for an exciting giveaway launching soon. You’ll be able to enter to win free Six Flags tickets for your family vacation!.

Recipe: Spicy Tyson Chicken Fry Wrap - AProverbsWife.com

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6 thoughts on “Recipe: Spicy Tyson Chicken Fry Wrap

  1. So easy and looks delicious! This would be great for a hectic night that demands convenience!


  2. I love all the fresh veggies & guacamole that you added to the wrap. Love that combination!!


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