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DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser for my nighttime clean routine

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

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As you already know, I’ve been working on a master bathroom makeover because it had become dated.

For me having a bathroom that makes me feel good when in it helps me stay on top of my daily beauty care routine so I teamed up with Cottonelle and Target to take you on a tour of my new master bath and share a really quick DIY using the NEW Cottonelle wet wipe dispenser.

I started this bathroom makeover by installing floating bathroom shelves and later painting the laminate floor. The biggest part of this makeover was the shelves. This bathroom has a vanity sink and no hidden storage what-so-ever.

Installing the shelves gave me more space to store things like extra tissue, beauty products, soap, towels and washcloths.

The primary color of my master bath is called “February Gold” by Colorplace. It’s a yellow gold hue which is in my bath mats and in today’s project.

The Cottonelle dispenser looks perfect as is in it’s white container but I wanted to dress mine up a bit by using gold vinyl stickers I ordered off etsy.

I used a variety of sizes and just stuck them on until I created a pattern I liked.

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

My plan was to keep it in my master bath but I moved it to my nightstand table to use in step 5 of my nighttime clean routine.

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

I hate to go to bed with make up on especially since my sheets and comforter are white. Brown foundation and white bedding do not match.

So my cute Cottonelle dispenser sits on my nightstand table along with my jewelry tray and water bottle.

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser4

These are my night time essentials and adding the Cottonelle wipes to my table makes it easy for me to wipe my face at night.

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

If you’d like to recreate my DIY Confetti Cottonelle Upright Dispenser project you can get a FREE Cottonelle upright dispenser at Target with the purchase of  two 18-packs of Cottonelle toilet paper.

cottonelle 2


The free upright dispensers along with the qualifying toilet paper can be found in an end-cap display in the store.

Keep up with the latest from Cottonelle check them out on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #CottonelleRoutine.

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