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11 Ways to Transform Your Marriage

11 Ways to Transform Your Marriage - AProverbsWife.com

Some of you are in God focused marriages while some of you are trying to get there. Either your on board and your spouse isn’t or vice-versa.

11 Ways to Transform Your Marriage - AProverbsWife.com

It could be that you are both on board but are still struggling to find the place where you have more peace filled days than days where you both at odds with one another.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, advice that points us to God is always an asset. I asked some women who have transitioned from a worldly marriage to a Godly marriage what advice would you give a couple who is struggling on their journey.

Here are their answers.

1. Pray together, and remember that we all are sinners, forgive each other like Christ forgave us!

2. Before the TV comes on after dinner; read the Bible, out loud together. It’s do-able, doesn’t take much time and makes a huge difference when you experience it together.

3. Get up early to pray with your husband! It’s really awesome and if your schedule permits read the Bible every morning together or at the very least alone.

4. Don’t become impatient! And when you feel impatient, pray and read the Bible more!

5. Remember you can’t change him! So pray for him but lay off buying him self help books etc. Live your message.

6. Read:

  • Ephesians 5:21-33

  • 1 Corinthians 7:1-16

  • 1 Corinthian 13

These are a few scriptures you can read to know what God expects you to be and do as a wife & husband.

If your husband is a believer you do everything you can to submit to your husband, love him and respect him. In return he is to honor, cherish and love you. It’s 100/100. Both giving all you have to fulfill your biblical rolls.

When doing this, it is being obedient to God! God needs to be number one in your individual lives and the closer you, individually, become to Christ and the closer your husband, individually, becomes to Christ you two will become closer in your marriage, relationship, love, godliness and to God as a couple – as one!

Read your Bible together & pray together everyday. Ask and tell God to strengthen your marriage daily. You may be put through trials, but if you come out using God’s wisdom and guidance you both with be stronger Christians and your relationship will grow.

When things don’t go right humble yourself and forgive as Christ forgives you each and every second of the day without hesitation. Could you imagine if it took hours and hours or days and days for Christ to forgive you?!

Be a follower of Christ and show your Christ-like love to your husband each and everyday!

7. Let God lead you in everything you do. It will strengthen your marriage. Don’t hold grudges. He’s not perfect and neither are you. Don’t forget why you married your spouse.

It’s not a battle between you and your spouse, you are battling together against satan.

Let God lead you and the battles will be won!! Do good things for your spouse especially when they least expect it, you won’t believe how it will change your relationship.

8. If Christ can forgive them then so can you. Pray together and for each other praying together will be hard because satan will do everything he can to prevent you.

9. Work on your individual salvation. You are no longer a sinner so don’t go to a church that has that mentality because it just leaves room for sin. Ask the church leadership to connect you and your spouse to another couple that are mature in Christ to disciple you. If your church has small groups related to marriage and/or discipleship get involved.

10. Don’t try to be the Holy Spirit to your mate.

11. Pray together and reading the word together from Genesis-Revelation taking turns.

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