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How to Find Money to Pay Off Debt

How to Find Money to Pay Off Debt

How to Find Money to Pay Off Debt

We are at the halfway point for our debt freedom journey and I think now is a good time to stop and share some of what helped us find the means to get rid of all of our consumer debt.

One of the reason we want to pay off debt is because carrying debt as we get older will prevent us from retiring and living life on our own terms.

We have been able to pay off all of our debt except for our mortgage using just my husbands income and extra money we earned here and there.

5 Ways to Find Money to Pay Off Debt

1. Get a part-time job: This is one of the first things my husband did help make ends meet and to add a little extra to our debt obligations.

2. Take surveys: Taking surveys allowed me to earn anywhere from $50 to $200 a month in checks and gift cards. I was a member of about 12 survey sites and took surveys daily in my free time.

3. Sell gently used clothes: I made a decent amount of money each week selling my children’s clothes once they outgrew them. There are many local consignment stores but many have begun selling clothes via ebay, Facebook groups and Instagram.

4. Use your talents: If you can baby-sit, offer to drop off or pick up school kids or provide another form of service, you can use that money to tackle debt.

5. Shop Sales / Use Coupons: When we just couldn’t earn any more than what we were making, shopping sales and using coupons made a huge difference. If you become even semi serious about couponing, you can save at the very least 50% off groceries and household items.

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  1. I don’t understand how the “Survey Earnings” work. I’ve signed up for quite a few and completed them faithfully and never made a dime? I will try again though because I need to earn extra cash.


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