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How I Plan Lunches (SAHM version)

How I Plan Lunches

How I Plan Lunches

You don’t know how many women I’ve met who skips at least one meal a day.

I’m serious…I spoke with two at length at Starbucks and Publix within the last month alone.

I thought it was just busy moms doing this but it’s busy working women too!!

We can all agree that skipping entire meals a few times a week is not healthy.

Skipped meals lead to overeating at other meals. It can also lead to headaches, irritability and low energy levels among other things.

So, I’ve come up with a brilliant plan that should help me stop skipping meals.

It’s so simple I don’t know why I never thought of it before now.

Last week school resumed for my children and after a few days of packing their lunches I decided to pack one for myself.

I started on Friday and immediately saw the payoff.

I had coffee for breakfast (I know…I’m so lame but a cup of coffee is easy to make and filling) but right around 11a. m. I grabbed a snack from the bag.

Here’s what I packed.

Granola bar
Orange slices

Baked BBQ chicken with mango curry couscous

How I Plan Lunches (SAHM Version)

As the day went on I ate things from my bag until it was empty.

Eating was a no brainer after being planned and packed ahead of time.

No standing at the fridge in the middle of the afternoon wondering what I should eat for lunch only to decide it was too much work to cook for just one person.

I am so excited about this and I hope it’s given you some ideas on how to plan your meals even if you are a homemaker.

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