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How to Create a Frugal Family Movie Night

How to Create a Frugal Family Movie Night

We like weekends to be a fun time for our children. It’s the two days they get to spend the most time with us and we make that time count by intentionally planning activities where we are spending time together.

I’m not one to break the bank when planning fun activities for the family. In fact, I try to make it as frugal as possible.

Planning a movie night with your family is really fun and it’s really inexpensive it can be as inexpensive as a dollar or as expensive as you decide to make it just depending on what type of activities you want to incorporate in your movie night.

Our movie night normally consists of one or more movies, a few snacks snacks and a meal. The budget for this is usually around $30 for a family of five.

Here’s how my cost is broken down for a typical frugal family movie night.

TOTAL COST: $27 + tax

Redbox: Kid friendly movie $1

Walmart: Food

  • Hugs juices $3

  • Potato Chips (2pks)$5

  • Cookies (3 pks) $3

  • Candy (2 pks) $7

  • Donuts $3


Dollar Tree: Supplies

  • Ice bucket

  • Table cloth

  • Napkins

  • Snack Trays (2)

  • Plastic Plates

  • Popcorn

You could just as easily pull out some serving trays and dishes you already own. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy extra stuff.

Your frugal family movie night should start in your own kitchen cabinets.


By using what you have on hand you will reduce your cost of your movie night.

Once we have all the snacks and the movies we just set up a table or like a serving area where everyone can go and grab snacks throughout the movie.


This is especially fun we have multiple movies because you can set out several snacks and everyone can graze while the movies play.

In total we spent $27 to create a frugal family movie night. It was way cheaper than a night at the movies and a lot of fun putting it together.


What would you say is your biggest challenge in keeping your home neat and tidy?

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