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Mission Field Checklist: Passports and Travel Immunizations

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Cbias Disclosure

As you know Germaine and I am in the process of becoming missionaries and this week we’re researching travel immunizations and applying for passports.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

Becoming missionaries has been a dream of ours for the last four plus years and we are finally taking the steps to make it a reality.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

I’m not sure where we’ll go for our first trip but I do know that some foreign countries require certain vaccines.

I had to get immunized before being stationed in Korea so I am a little familiar with this process.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

I did a little research and found out Walgreens pharmacies provide adult vaccines .

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

And in addition to that, they’ve partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot at Life campaign and until October 14, 2013 every person who receives a flu shot or any immunization at Walgreens, they’ll help supply a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country.

The message behind the campaign is ‘Get A Vaccine. Give A Vaccine’ and what ability to be vaccinated provides a child.

For me, the ability to be vaccinated provides children a shot at education.

Mission Field Checklist #GiveAShot #shop

So, not only does this partnership provide up to three million vaccines for life threatening diseases like measles and polio, it will also allow them to live longer lives and go to school.

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When I learned how kids in undeveloped countries could benefit I knew I needed to get involved.

Children everywhere don’t have access to the same basic medical care as my children which is one of the reasons our family already advocates for children.

Knowing Walgreens provides immunizations for the most common diseases such as Flu, Hpc, HPV, Hepatitis, Shingles and that getting vaccinated there can help a child, I’m more motivated to get vaccinated there.

I am really excited about our path to the mission field but I also have limited knowledge about what to expect.

If you are or have been a missionary, what would you tell someone like me who is just getting started?

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  1. THank you so much for sharing about this program! I will be praying for you and your husband as you prepare to take your missions work “on the road”, and will be looking for other ways to support you! <3


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