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The Anatomy of a Clutter Free Nightstand

Clutter Free Night Stand

One thing I don’t like is clutter especially on my bedside table. If no other area in the house is clutter free when I go to bed, I especially like to make sure my nightstand is.

Clutter Free Night Stand

I have a pretty big nightstand table simply because it serves several purposes.

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1. Inspiration

I keep some sort of framed photo on my nightstand whether art work or family photos. Waking up and seeing images that make me feel inspired is very important to cultivating joy in my day. I like to surround myself with things that make me happy.

2. Hydration

I try my best to drink a lot of water each day and find the easiest way to do it is by starting each day by drinking water. I also keep this bottle near my bed because I wake up thirsty. I try to drink the entire bottle every day.

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3. Communication

My cell phone is always nearby. If I’m not on the phone with my husband, I’m on the phone with my oldest daughter or son. I also use my phone every morning to read my Bible while it’s still dark and organize my day.

4. Organization

I have a great system for organizing my jewelry but since we have bi-fold closet doors, I have to unhinge the door to access it. That’s a hassle at night so I store my jewelry in this egg sorter and just put everything away at the end of each week.

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5. Tray

This tray helps me limit the number of things I keep on my nightstand. Usually it hold the remote to my fan and my eyeglasses.

6. Writing Tools

I am often jotting down stuff, making lists, clipping coupons or balancing my checkbook while in bed so I like to keep pens, pencils and scissors nearby.

DIY Confetti Face Wipes Dispenser

7. Face Wipes

I keep wet wipes near my bed because I like to remove my makeup before washing my face. Having the wipes on my table makes it easy to take off any foundation, eyeliner and mascara before starting my nighttime routine.

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2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Clutter Free Nightstand

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips on keeping our spaces organized! Love the idea of a small tray and the egg sorter is genius!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Rachel, Thanks a bunch for letting me know this post inspired you!!


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