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30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms – Available November 27th, 2013

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God is doing amazing things in my life through this blog!! In October I was able to complete my newest prayer devotional and I’m humbled and excited that it will be available on November 27th, 2013!!

When I wrote my last book “Remove from Me this Venomous Tongue — How to Stop Destroying Your Family with Your Words“, I was apprehensive and prayerful through every step of the process. It took me months to get it written and edited.

It took me even more time to pray and make sure it’s what God was asking me to do.

The writing my newest ebook “30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms” was totally different. From the moment God gave me the idea to write it my fingers quickly beat against the keyboard with no apprehensions or reservations at all.

I was and am confident that this ebook will leave a noticeable imprint on your life. I so sure of it because the very prayers I share in it have left such an imprint on mine.

In this book you’ll find the very same prayers that I have prayed fervently for the last decade or so… and they have changed my life.

This ebook will require more than just reading. It will require some doing but the only thing you’ll have to do is surrender. Surrender to what each prayer is asking God to do and surrendering to whatever plan God has in store to bring it to fruition.

30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms will be available on November 27th – 30th, 2013 for $12.99!!

After that the price will settle in at $19.99…


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4 thoughts on “30 Days of Soul Stirring Prayers for Wives and Moms – Available November 27th, 2013

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi. I just purchased your new book, but it will not download. Please help me… Either w a refund or a download that works. Thanks.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks you so much for your interest in purchasing my book. I’m so sorry the download link did not work for you. It looks like you’d like a refund so I’ll get that submitted today. I was out of town for the holiday and am just seeing your message via Paypal and the comment you left here.

    Please look for your refund from Paypal soon.

    Thanks so much for your support sweet friend. Have a wonderful weekend.


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