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Marriage Tip #4: Let God Change Your Spouse

Marriage Tip

Marriage Tip

I learned a valuable tip early in my marriage about building up my husband.

My husband is already a confident man and was when I met him so I’m not talking about building up his esteem. I’m more so talking about building up his trust in me as one of his biggest supporters. As his wife I can either tear him down or build him up.

There was a time when instead of encouraging him for where he was and where he had come from in terms if maturity in Christ, I would instead discourage him and focus on how he was falling short.

During that time I thought by nagging him about how he wasn’t living up to all of the BEST characteristics of the Bible I was helping him.

I wasn’t helping.

When I decided to encourage my husband where he was at and pray for God to help my husband become the man God wanted him to be.

In fact, this tip works both ways. As a wife I’ve had to gently remind my husband to accept me where I am as I work to be more like Christ and also pray for and with me to be better.

Nagging does not create real change people. It’s when their minds are changed and new habits are created.

Be patient and prayerful with your spouse. If they are following God you’ll see changes in them before you know it.

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