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Don’t Fear Life’s Struggles


My life is truly a struggle but you’d never know it because I am rejoicing in The Lord always.

I struggle with overwhelming sadness, defeat and insecurities.

The devil is always on my back trying to get me to give up, but God…

But GOD y’all!!!

He is always in my face like a football coach pushing and pressing me to live a greater life than I deserve.

He is constantly calling me to more than I am capable of without Him.

And despite my shortcomings, He takes all of my weakness and uses it to make Himself look good.

He is an amazing God that is pushing my husband and I to live off less than we make, and become 100% debt free so we can give more to others.


These passports are the start of a stirring in our souls to work in missions.

I am both terrified and excited about what God plans to do in our lives over the next 6-12 months.

I once heard a man say that, “If what God is asking you to do doesn’t terrify you than your faith is too small“.

I don’t believe that to be true across the board but I do believe it to be true for us in this season of our lives.

I just want to remind you that God is with you in the struggle. When you are online looking at a glimpse of peoples lives keep in mind that it’s just that. Everyone everywhere is facing some sort of struggle in their lives.

So don’t you dare throw yourself a pity party and cower in a corner somewhere.

Do not fear the struggles in your life.


Embrace them.

It’s amazing how much closer you can get to God in the struggle.

At the end of the day, the reason behind all the struggle you’ve been experiencing lately is Satan.

But I want you to remember that God has something amazing He wants to do with your life.

So don’t give up!




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